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. Changamire M’zizi (Kantini Samson) is a Zambian poet, a development educationalist, and a cultural historian. He is interested in the aims, the strategies, and the content of the socialization and transformative processes that they ought to have in place to create, promote and raise the critical consciousness of wholeness in low-resourced environments in order to bridge the divide between the worlds of rich and poor, and the theory and practice for sustainable societies. He holds a Ph.D. in Education from Seoul National University, an MEd in Education and Development from The University of Zambia (UNZA), an MA in Literature, and a BA in Education (BAEd) also from UNZA. He has received a Certificate in Diplomatic Practice, Protocol, and Public Relations from the Zambia Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies (ZIDIS). Currently, He is Senior Programme Officer for Culture, Communication and Information at the Zambia National Commission for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO)

냔자어/체와어(Nyanja/Chewa) : 체와어(Chewa)는 말라위의 공용어이다. 니제르콩고어족에 속하며 냔자어(Nanja)로도 알려져 있다. 시인은 모어(母語)인 냔자어(Nyanja)/체와어(Chewa)로 이야기의 내용, 그 속의 인물들, 그것이 지니는 문화적 가치 등의 이미지와 격언과 비유를 표현한


Why do you enter naked into that beehive
The bees will bite you
The sweetness of honey is bewitching

Why is that door not closed
See that snake fleeing from winter cold
It will enter and bite you when it gets warm

Sometimes the snake hides in the beehive
Eating pupa, drinking honey
Honey harvesters should you try to harvest honey, that smoke won’t work
Get beekeeping protective clothes and dress up your body and your head

Dress-up, dress-up
These bees bite, they kill
Plentiful is for the bees, but only one stings

Dress-up, dress-up
This snake’s bite has no cure
Twig snake does not bite
But when it bites it has no cure

Dress-up, dress-up
This snake is a two-headed snake
It is a bad omen

On your head, the hair
It says, keep your brains
Deep wisdom like ants

On your face, eyebrows and lashes
They say, keep your eyes
Not all that glitters is gold

In your ears, the hairs
They say, keep your ears
The life of a human is in the ear
The hard of hearing to advice heard with an axe in their head

In your nostrils, the hairs
They say, keep your nose
Hyrosmic smeller smelled shit

On your mouth, the moustache
It says, who can tame the tongue
The power of death and life is on the tongue
Watch what you eat and drink
Fast food of today is fast death

On your chin, the beards
They say, keep your neck
Beads are godliness they can be found

In your armpits, the hairs
They say, hide your heart
This world has teeth

On your pubis, the pubic hair
It says, honour your private parts
It is the first commandment with promise
Blessed is he who sheds his virgin blood on their matrimonial bed
They have no demons that haunt their beloved

On the ground, the grass and the trees
They say take care what is beneath the ground, in the waters and atmosphere
Wealth is in the land
Let not aliens rob you of your heritage wealth

Behold now your little breasts have ripened and hardened
They say, my person be strong like a plague
Lest boys and men crush you down

Your little hips too have leavened
They say, my body please grow not frail
Lest boys and men tap you

Your little waist now goes to the moon
It says you are now the star
All eyes of the dark are on you
Let the sunset dear star
Find you not at outside your homestead

Protect your rites of passage like an egg
An egg does not rot in a day
Familiarity with sweet potato leaves got the sweet potato eaten
Your virgin womanhood is your life

Young man you too see now
Your little testicles have stretched
They say, my person please repent
Girls and women turn you not into a soccer ball

Your little voice has grown deep
It says, your body is not cheap
The glitter of a fig is bewitching
Girls and women will take you 666 feet down

Your little muscles have toned and bulked
They say, dance Nyau Makishi Masquarade to ward off bad omen
Lies are fruits of Satan the serpent
Manhood is self-development and transforming your nation

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