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Changamire M’zizi (Kantini Samson) is a Zambian poet, a development educationalist, and a cultural historian. He is interested in the aims, the strategies, and the content of the socialization and transformative processes that they ought to have in place to create, promote and raise the critical consciousness of wholeness in low-resourced environments in order to bridge the divide between the worlds of rich and poor, and the theory and practice for sustainable societies. He holds a Ph.D. in Education from Seoul National University, an MEd in Education and Development from The University of Zambia (UNZA), an MA in Literature, and a BA in Education (BAEd) also from UNZA. He has received a Certificate in Diplomatic Practice, Protocol, and Public Relations from the Zambia Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies (ZIDIS). Currently, He is Senior Programme Officer for Culture, Communication and Information at the Zambia National Commission for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO)

냔자어/체와어(Nyanja/Chewa) : 체와어(Chewa)는 말라위의 공용어이다. 니제르콩고어족에 속하며 냔자어(Nanja)로도 알려져 있다. 시인은 모어(母語)인 냔자어(Nyanja)/체와어(Chewa)로 이야기의 내용, 그 속의 인물들, 그것이 지니는 문화적 가치 등의 이미지와 격언과 비유를 표현한다.


Oh yes let us pound legs ajar
The Wife of a King
Has walked into a store
With a Flying Whisk
And the rod of authority
Oh yes let us pound legs ajar

I was born with a tongue 
In my mouth safely settled
When it wanted to talk
Teeth teethed in my mouth
To guard my tongue
In close proximity to my brain
Just below my eyes
Because my tongue is my vision 
My thought pattern, my bulwark
Yes, I was born with a tongue 
In between my ears
Because my tongue 
Is all my hearing and understanding
It knows my all
All my indigenous cuisines cooked by grandma on the hearth
But school, school cut off my tongue
Saying it is dumb

It doesn’t know Champagne
But only Munkoyo and Kachasu
But this is a lie
As our elders say: “a borrowed cloth doesn’t fit in the body”
This borrowed tongue the school has stitched in my mouth 
It doesn’t know Lumanda
It doesn’t know Vinkubala
Kolowa and Chikanda
Masuku and Matondo

This borrowed tongue
It doesn’t know Ciyato
It doesn’t know Nsolo
Cidunu Kabishabisha
Walyako Walya Ndimu
Vikuti naMukule

How will children grow
Who are the future of tomorrow
Bemba people say: “stump sprouts are the forest”
But what is happening in that forest
When stump sprouts have become trees, Mukula trees are sold out
The selling out in schools
Turning children into Europeans
That are incapable of speaking our tongues
Our tongues when they speak or write
The teacher punishes them
They say our tongues are noise pollution

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